Blogger Issues : send 911


Okay as an amateur blogger it’s safe to assume that this is no easy task or hobby to keep up if you really want to make a living or get somewhere with it right?. Every one that’s going through the same journey trust me you’re not alone. 

I decided to start blogging just to adventure in it and get to know what it really entitled as a hobby and then maybe in the future turn it into a source of income since I’m a stay at home mom for the time being and also simply out of curiosity. I went in to this adventure thinking so many girls do it they have millions or thousands of followers and can have a source of income out of it how hard can it be seems relatively easy, but boy was I wrong.  

Out of five months or so of beginning my journey with blogging I have come across more than one struggle like building up my follower #’s, pin pointing the  “interesting” factor that keeps your followers hooked or at least active on your accounts, setting up a definite style to my social media pages, and the list goes on. Needless to say even with five months deep I’m still trying to find my voice and definitive style.

Many fellow bloggers have guided me with tips that actually have helped my blog to gain more audience, build a more solid social media page etc. You definitely need a LOT of patience with this because it does take time to build, given that there are multiple factors that define whether your social media will grow or decrease there’s is no real way of keeping every single person that follows you interested forever, and honestly speaking they tend to be very inconsistent I have experienced that first hand and I guarantee you so have many of you. 

A good tip that some fellow bloggers pointed out is to constantly post on your social media, share your pages on different platforms, set a uniform style, color scheme etc, that sets your pages aside (yeah it’s a bit hard given the millions of bloggers competing for the same thing, but work your way to find your own unique style), be creative with your pictures, etc. 

As a new blogger trying to find my own style and voice, I must say it has been a struggle on it’s own because I was making many rookie mistakes that made my page look very sloppy and incomplete, but trust me I am working on it little by little and constantly finding ways to improve my pages. Also being somewhat limited as to what I can splurge on when it comes to investing in my blog doesn’t necessarily help the cause right? But you work with what you have for the time being, the whole point of it is to keep trying and invest at the very least in the time and effort to make it look as good as you can while you grow with it. Think of your blog as a plant, you have to water it and take cake of it for a while before it grows into a beautiful flower, the key is having patience. 

Blogging has become a daily activity for me and it’s like my time off from my daily life where I get to vent out, or be as creative as I want without having any limitations and believe me it’s a breath of fresh air, it unlocks your mind from trivial daily problems, it’s almost therapeutic as well as fun. 

Recently I joined a FB group called “babe supporting babes” and it’s basically a group of bloggers all over giving and taking advice from each other and being very supportive. This was a breakthrough for me, because thanks to this page I have gained more knowledge as well as an audience that has helped my page grow since I joined. It has been so fun getting to know so many girls that go through your same struggles (as a blogger of course), or have so many things in common with you, I have received plenty of advice, guidance and most importantly the opportunity to find new people as well as to be found. Receiving this kind of support definitely boosts up your will to do better and improve your methods and approaches; there’s a lot of resources that you can use simply by seeking the help or some sort of guidance, this group it’s basically a hidden Gem.  

Furthermore what I’m trying to get across here is, to don’t give up so easily just because it’s taking so long for it to grow or for you to make use out of it. Takes time, dedication and patience to make it in the blogging world it won’t happen from day to night,  and if you’re a beginner trust me even more when I tell you it gets better, just hang in there and find yourself, find your passion and have fun with it, remember that unlike any other job this is your own creation and it’s basically a part of you out there on social media trying to speak up and be found. It’s a challenge, you will get frustrated at times, or just feeling like it won’t take you anywhere but just keep trying, seek help in other bloggers, find alternatives that work for you, it’s doable as long as you have the patience and put in the work for it, remember you reap what you sow.


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